Sunday, January 21, 2018
Unit Commissioner Corner

Commissioners are a resource for Packs, Troops and Crews.  Prairie Lakes District is working to ensure that each unit has a Unit Commissioner assigned.

Unit Commissioner - a Unit Commissioner is an experienced Scouter; a resource the unit can contact with questions and concerns.  The Unit Commissioner is the primary connection between the unit and the Council.

Assistant District Commissioner - the Assistant District Commissioner oversees the Unit Commissioners of a specific geographic area.  In Prairie Lakes District, those areas are Farmington/Randolph; Rosemount; Lakeville; and Prior Lake.  The Assistant District Commissioner also works with units that do not have a Unit Commissioner assigned.

District Commissioner - the District Commissioner oversees all Unit and Assistant District Commissioners in Prairie Lakes District and works with units without either a Unit Commissioner or an Assistant District Commissioner.

Please contact the Commissioner(s) as appropriate with any of your questions or concerns.  The Commissioner List can be found in the Resource Section of this page. 

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